Premium Tequila

AquaRiva® Reposado is a highlands premium tequila made from100% Blue Weber agave, developed specifically for bartenders to ensure perfect tasting cocktails every time. Bartenders choose AquaRiva® Tequila as they know the best ingredients make the best cocktails. This is why AquaRiva® Tequila sources its premium 8 year old Agaves and pure spring water from the volcanic highlands of Jalisco Mexico.  Slow cooking in Autoclave ovens, double distilled and rested for a minimum of 6 months in American Oak Single Cask whiskey barrels before bottling.

USA 750ml 40% Alc.Vol.(80% proof) USA ; Europe 700ml 38% ABV
Tasting notes: AquaRiva® Reposado is the gorgeously smooth and perfectly balanced love child of the AquaRiva® Blanco and AquaRiva® Handmade Reposado. Hints of caramel biscuit and delicate ripe fruit tones, no burn, with a long passionate finish.

Awards: Double Gold Medal in 2013&2014 Tequila Masters; Imbibe Magazine “Best Celebrity Brand 2013”

Bottled by (producido y envasado por) NOM 1499; Casa Tequilera de Arandas SA de CV km. 6.5 Carretera Arandas-Leon, Arandas Jalisco, CP 47180

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